Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beginning the TUESDAY SOL habit - Writing Poetry in Reading Workshop

Spoiler alert... 
If you haven't read the novels Rain, Reign by Ann Martin or Wonder by R.J. Palacia, 
and then you can appreciate my poems!

It is only Thursday and I awoke thinking about a Poetry PD I am planning for my district in May and I thought about the new poetry forms I learned this year during the 2015 SOL Challenge - Currently and Before That. Then I thought about the current read-aloud in my classroom - Rain Reign and Wonder before that (already I am thinking like a poet!).  So here I am on a Thursday morning drafting out what Rose, the character in Rain, Reign might write if she were writing one of these poetry forms. Also, I'll try one by Auggie from Wonder and then post this on Tuesday, my first TUESDAY (not during March) SOL! Yes, I'm going to make Tuesday SOL slicing my new thing to do! Thank you, TwoWritingTeachers for the opportunity and the nudge.

Writing Poetry in Reading Workshop
I see poetry as being a perfect way to let readers show their comprehension of a character. It allows the reader/writer to stand in the shoes of a character and share a synthesis in a fun, creative way. It could also be used during a biography unit or in Social Studies or Science to synthesis content material. I find that kids like writing poetry because it is quicker and seems easier because less words are often used. When a poetry form, like Currently or Before That is involved, they definitely can try it and feel successful.

Here's my attempt to use the Currently Poetry Form written as characters in two read-alouds:

1. This is written from the perspective of the main character in Rain Reign by Ann Martin on the day that Rose returns to school after being off from school due to Superstorm Hurricane Susan - the place I am in the book now with my students.


...standing alone on the porch awaiting my ride to school

...running to(two, too) Uncle Weldon's truck 

...adding packed/pact to my homonym list

...sharing my plan to get Rain (Reign) back by describing my map with rings, the list of phone numbers and my code (like CB) with Uncle Weldon as he follows all the driving rules while driving me to school

...chanting a string of prime numbers in(inn) my head as I'm a little nervous to return to school after the storm

by: Rose

2. This is written from the perspective of the characters in Wonder by R.J. Palacio at the end of Auggie's school graduation

 ...Auggie is walking up onto the stage after his name is called for winning the Beecher Prep MS Award

...Mr. and Mrs. Pullman are wiping the tears of joy from their cheeks as they realize that overcoming their fears of allowing their unique son to leave home and attend school, though scary, was definitely the right choice to make

...Via is jumping up and down, clapping proudly and realizing that others now are able to see beyond Auggie's physical deformities

...Charlotte, Summer, Jack Will are clapping and whooping as they realize how wonderful their school year has been, thanks to Auggie

...Julian is at home packing, as his family decided he did not need to attend the school ceremony, especially since he is not returning to the school and he is preparing to fly to France to see his grandmother

...Auggie's grandmother is looking down from heaven saying "Amen" and is feeling very proud of her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids who act so bravely every day

...Auggie is smiling, looking out at the sea of standing classmates and parents of classmates, thinking he will send this precept to Mr. Brown: "Everyone should have a standing ovation once in their life!"

by: The Characters in Wonder


  1. Sally,
    This is so fabulous! What a perfect use of "Currently". So glad to see you in the weekly slicing so I can learn more from you! :-)

  2. Sally,
    This is so fabulous! What a perfect use of "Currently". So glad to see you in the weekly slicing so I can learn more from you! :-)

  3. Sally, I love your use of these forms for characters in books! Welcome to Tuesday slicing.

  4. Inspiring. So smart to use poetry in reading workshop. Of course! (Now it is obvious)
    Thank you....

  5. Great plan for using the Currently and Before That structure. This will push kids (and adults) to think beyond the pages of the text. Glad to see you came back.

  6. Welcome to Tuesday SOL. I love your thinking about use of poetry in readers' workshop.