Saturday, October 10, 2015

Celebrate - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday afternoon and all day Friday I had the pleasure of spending 20ish minutes talking with each of the parents of my 3rd graders. I will admit that by 4:30pm on Friday I was a little talked out. But overall, I celebrate that the moms and dads of my 22 third graders are caring and supportive. I am confident that their child will soar this year while in my classroom!!

I celebrate parent/teacher conferences.


  1. As a secondary educator I wish I could say these Parent Teacher conference continued to go as well. Sigh.

    Celebrate This Week post

  2. Wow, looking at it from the parent side, I am so glad to read that you enjoyed the conferences.

  3. I remember 3rd grade parent teacher conferences. Exhausting, but so much learned! You deserve a rest and a treat!