Saturday, December 19, 2015

Celebrate - BEST family EVER!

Looking back on this week, I must celebrate my family, my two daughters, Anne and Bridgit and my husband, Brian.


who shared a clever Ancient Greek Pottery craft she learned while teaching last year in France. With her help, photos of my students were taken posed as Greek warriors or gods, and then used to decorate a paper pot to tell a story, just like the Ancient Greeks did.

Anne ....

who when shopping with me at IKEA, was as excited about their puppets as I was and who helped to type up a planning packet so my students could collaborate in small groups to plan out and then perform puppet shows before we left for Winter Break.


who spent a whole day at my school while home from the University of Chicago where she is earning a Masters in Public Policy and Computer Science and spoke to each 3rd grade class about the job of a computer programmer. She also pushed me to make sure my class participated in Hour of Code activities which they ALL loved! Thanks to Bridgit, lots of 8 year olds are aware that coding can be hard but is something they can all do!


who spent years thinking about the design of a house for us and who spent the last two years overseeing the construction of a very energy-efficient and modern house for us and who received word on Friday that our permit to occupy the house has been granted. 



  1. I love how each of your daughters helped you and your students this week! And that house!!!! WOW!! It looks beautiful! I want to see more!!! So much to celebrate here!

    1. I do love the house and am so grateful it is done enough that we can finally move in this coming week. I posted picture throughout the process here:

  2. So happy that you are able to move in! Your family seems like it is filled with givers.

  3. What wonderful celebrations!! So exciting about the house!