Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Donna Beth's Morning Prayer

I read in an email in my inbox: Please send a poem to the person whose name is in position 1 below (even if you don't know him or her). It should be a favorite text/ verse/ meditation that has affected you in difficult times. Don't agonize over it.

The phrase "affected you in difficult times" stands out to me and immediately I see Donna Beth, her infectious smile, seeing it would make you feel like any troubles could be conquered. I see Donna Beth, probably the kindness person I ever knew. "Knew" because sadly in 2002 she died. She lived out in country and was kindly riding her neighbors horse as a favor. (As a city girl, I guess it is like walking the dog for a neighbor). Then suddenly, the horse threw her, she was helicoptered to the city hospital but she never awoke.

At her funeral, cards were passed out. On one side of the card, her picture, that smile, and "October 23, 1961-January 13, 2002". On the reverse is this prayer, written by Donna Beth that her husband carried in his wallet. Now I carry it in mine

Donna Beth’s Morning Prayer

God of my life, I welcome this new day. It is a gift to me. I thank you for the gift of being alive this morning. I thank you for the sleep, which has refreshed me.

Lord, this day is full of promise and of opportunity; help me to waste none of it.

This day is full of mystery and of the unknown; help me to face it without fear or anxiety.

This day is full of beauty and adventure; help me to be fully alive to it all.

During this day, may I become a more thoughtful person, a more prayerful person, a more generous and kind person.

Help me to not be turned in on myself but to be sensitive and helpful to others.

Let me do nothing today that will harm anyone. But let me help at least a little to make life more pleasant for those I meet.

When night comes, may I look back on this day without regret.

Lord, bless this day for me and for all of us.


  1. Loved reading this again. A great way to start my morning. A gift. Thanks, Sally.

  2. What a lovely morning prayer. I read it silently as I read your post. the I read it aloud and felt truly ready for the day.

  3. Donna Beth's wisdom and kindness shine through the words of her prayer. Thank you for sharing these wonderful words!

  4. I can tell you miss your friend so much. Her prayer is so touching and grips the heart. I love the second to last line, and will try to follow that advice. "look back on this day with no regret" What a wise woman.

  5. Filled with the good words for life, and lovely that you are writing so all of us can think of your friend's thoughtfulness. Sally. I can see that you all still miss her very much.

  6. What a sad story. It's a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing it here.

  7. A beautiful prayer for a beautiful soul.

  8. A beautiful prayer for a beautiful soul.

  9. There is so much truth and wisdom in these words, made even more poignant by your story. It reminds me that each day is a gift.