Saturday, April 2, 2016

Celebrating - Connections to Smart Educators

Saturday, I celebrated connecting to smart educators by posting to Ruth Ayer's Celebration blog. (If you are looking for another place/day to post your writing, I recommend this!!) Today I am posting my expanded revision of this same post! 

Maggie Beatty was my small group staff developer at TCRWP in 2010. I learned so much from her that summer and I stayed connected to her brilliance through #TCRWP and then when Kate and her began their Indent blog.

When they posted asking for real problems writing teachers experience, I thought why not. I'll send them one or two.

How fun that this week, they posted their first video sharing a practical way to solve a problem by making and using a DIY (do-it-yourself) Literacy toolkit page with a small group or during a conference.

Why so fun?


Take a minute and watch their brilliance HERE!!

Immediately after watching the video, I sent it to many of my literacy teacher friends who wrote back, just as excited as I was!!

And then of course, this video inspired me to use my Michael's coupon  on Sunday to purchase MY TOOLS.

My first page is written!!

Next update - my reflection on using it with students!

I continue to celebrate connecting to smart educators!!!
I can't wait for the DIY Literacy book to come out.
You can pre-order it HERE


  1. I knew your name sounded familiar when they read you question! I'm so glad you sent that question in because I have the same problem in my room. I'm looking forward to their new book as well. They are great!!


  2. Loved that video! Thank you for connecting with your smart question.

  3. I knew it was you when they read the name. Great question and I loved the response too.

  4. How great this is that you stepped forward with your own problem, but now that they chose it, you helped so many with the same one, like Jennifer above. Glad you shared!

  5. Wasn't this whole day amazing! I took away so much from each session, and I am sure I will do the same from the ones I missed and will watch via the archives. I was excited that I "knew" the person that announced! I can only imagine how excited you were also. I am looking forward to the book!

  6. Oh how fun to get picked. The video is cool. I'm glad to know about their work.

  7. I'm so excited for the book too! Much to celebrate with Kate and Maggie!

  8. First Tuesday after March SOL. I'm here. So are you!

  9. First Tuesday after March SOL. I'm here. So are you!

  10. I saw the first DIY video and just received my artist notebook to start my toolkit! So cool that it was your question Maggie and Kate read! I have ordered my DIY book and am eagerly awaiting it. I look forward to more posts from you about the successes you have with DIY!

  11. We have a TCRWP trainer here at myschool RIGHT now. We watched Kate & Magge's video with your question and I almost shouted out: I KNOW HER!