Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Long Phone Call (as a found poem)

As I prepare to teach a Poetry Unit, I found directions for writing a FOUND POEM on the amazing  website of Kenn Nesbitt - How to Create a Found Poem

Using the directions, I took the slice I wrote on March 22 and used the words to FIND A POEM inside!

First, I copied the words into a word document and highlighted some in YELLOW.
Then I opened a second blank word document. I started to add on the blank page, the highlighted words to form a poem. It looked like this on my computer screen:

And now here is my slice of Life today -

A Long Phone Call
(as a found poem)

I texted, “I’m free to chat today”
“How about in 20 minutes?”
A happy face reply
I send.

The phone rings
To free up my hands
I place the phone on speaker
And asked, “So tell me why this company?”

Lots of rattling off of lists
Of ideas that attracted her
Clarifying questions posed
Brainstorming together
And clearer answers practiced.

A beep from the phone signals "low battery"
and shows the beginning of 
hour three of this conversation.
“I think I better go. I hope this helped.”

Now off the phone 
I think
Hire her.
Any company 
would be lucky.

Now off the phone
I plead
Treat her well,
As a valued employee
With time off to enjoy 
and not just work.


  1. I love how you are trying something new, just as we encourage our students to! I'm curious if "Now off the phone," appeared twice in your original piece, or if you are "allowed" to repeat phrases you've found.

  2. And I just went back into my Slices to try the same thing. Look for it tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a fun idea. I've done found poetry before - but never from my own writing -- thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I might do this tomorrow or Tuesday!

  5. That's how my venture into poetry writing began. Bernie Glaze heard my personal narrative and said, "I think there's a poem in there." It had never occurred to me that I could write poetry. Now I find it to be such a satisfying form of expression.