Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20 - Do we REALLY hate change?

As I left the faculty meeting, where a lively discussion around the topic of the staff selection committee picking a the new principal occurred, the AP said to me, "It is hard. Nobody likes change."

With this thought in my mind, I read a few hours later, my colleagues funny "slice" about window treatments. (Click HERE if you want to read it). He beautifully describes the view out his windows, a view he can see thanks to his new kitchen windows. A view that CHANGES from season to season.

As I sit at my laptop this morning, it is raining. Yet, my phone just alerted me to the fact that just to the west and north, that precipitation is falling as snow and some schools are closing. I am glad to see it is just rain where I am. I am ready for winter to end. I am ready for the CHANGE.

Why do we seem to embrace the CHANGE of the four seasons?
Why don't we have the same feeling of renew and rebirth when the PEOPLE around us change?

One might say it is the fear of the unknown. I know what winter is like - the bare trees covered with a layer of white after a snowfall. I know how then the buds blossom to become pastel colors. I look forward to smelling lilacs again. I know how refreshing it feels to dive into the pool on a hot summer day. I know the sound of the fallen, crisp, colorful leaves while hiking in October. I know and like that feeling that comes when the news announcement reads "DCPS schools closed due to the weather"  after an overnight snowfall.

Maybe we do like CHANGE.
Predictable CHANGE.


  1. I like change but change when you least expect it, change when you aren't making it happen, when it feels like it's happening TO you...I can see how that change can be uncomfortable. I think we have to be careful in saying and speaking for everyone because I can see how it's all a matter of perspective, how one responds to change, whether one can accept the change and make plans to get through it...and that's personal and totally dependent on so many factors. But I definitely can see how some change might be more welcome than others. :)

  2. You have taught me so much this year ! You daily give me a new way to consider adding or trying out a technique I don't usually use. Today's post focused on one word is powerful making the reader thinking along with you and at the same time hearing how they could consider this in their own word of choice. I'm off to join you today at lunch at least, but I'll be thinking of a word.

  3. I think you hit on it exactly...predictable change is easier to handle because we expect it and even look forward to it. How many times have we said or heard, "I'm ready for a change!" I guess we should remain to look for the silver lining in all the changes around us.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. In Chinese medicine the transition from winter to spring is considered especially hard because of the amount of energy required in nature for new growth to push against frozen earth, or hardened wood. In people, that can manifest as irritability, resistance, or even anger. Perhaps we, too, have to gather strength to push through the change. It's easier when we know that daffodils and tulips are on the other side.