Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4 - Laundry

While visiting Venice, Italy over Winter break, I saw this:
 and this:
I snapped both photos while I, myself, was wearing layers of clothes under my heavy winter coat on a very brisk December day. I kept wondering, "Will this laundry really dry? It is 32 degrees outside. If so, how long will it take?"

In Venice, laundry seems to be more than just a chore. It seems to be a work of art. First, it is pinned and moved along the pulley line to form a perfect composition. As each piece is hung, a piece never drops by accident  or comes loose and falls to the sidewalk or canal below. Then, as it hangs, one piece next to another, a pattern is created. Like a border painted inside a room for decoration, a Venetian's clean clothing decorates a building's facade. Laundry Day brightens up the neighborhood!


  1. That reminds me of my mother. All my life, Monday was wash day. Until I was 6, that meant hanging the wash outside "on the line." She had a method of hanging the clothes so that "dainties" were concealed behind sheets and towels. There's nothing that smells better than fresh laundry that's been dried outside, except maybe homemade bread.

  2. What a nice and interesting observation, nice slice!