Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3 - Are you a House of Cards fan?

I will admit it.
I came home from work Friday and began watching House of Cards, Season 3 on Netflix.
I watched more on Saturday.
I finished the binge on Sunday. 13 episodes.
I won't give anything away here (in case you are still watching).

I will admit, I like watching a soap opera without commercial interruptions.
I will admit that not much else got done this past weekend other than me watching a long story.
I especially like stories set in Washington, DC, as I live in Arlington, across the Potomac River from the White House. The opening of the show has GREAT images of our capital city!
I don't like Frank Underwood. I would NOT want Frank Underwood to know me.
I wouldn't want to work with him. Ever.
Yet, I do like watching him and his decisions.
I'm still wondering if I like Claire. Am I at all like Claire as a wife? Do I want to be? or not? Ever.
House of Cards reminds me of my fascinated with The Godfather Trilogy.
I am just as hooked on this series.

I will say that I have lingered with the characters and their actions in Season 3 lots since Sunday.
Why did they do that?
Why did they change? Did they change?
Are men and women wired differently?
Do they have different motivations? 

At the end of a read-aloud, I ask my students, "What do you think the author wanted us to learn?"
I do think the makers of House of Cards want me to learn....but I still am pondering exactly what!

In the meantime, whether you are a fan of House of Cards or not, I recommend watching this episode of Sesame Street:    Sesame House of Cards Parody 

And if you virtually want to discuss your reactions to Season 3 with someone, email me at sally.donnelly11@gmail.com!!

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