Saturday, September 12, 2015

Celebrate - a great first week of school!

Today I CELEBRATE the four wonderful days I spent with a group of 3rd graders - my 3rd graders as we began our school year together!!

We ended our Friday enjoying an animated version of Peter Reynold's story The Dot.

Then we made our own DOT and on the back we completed these two sentences:
                        This year I hope to....
                        My dream is to...

I CELEBRATE today all that my students (and I - I'm the last on this list) are hoping and dreaming we will accomplish as we MAKE OUR MARK while learning together during this 2015-16 school year!

This year I hope to…
My dream is to…
play the recorder in music
learn cursive
have better handwriting
be a Paleontologist
Learn cursive
Become famous
Become a better soccer player
Become a professional soccer player
Learn division
Play an instrument
Get better at reading and writing
Make lots of friends and have a good time
Learn how to spell bigger words
Play basketball
Learn cursive
Play professional soccer
Get better at writing
Be a professional figure skater
Learn cursive
Swim better
Meet new people
Read more
Get god grades
Be a great artist
Learn to spell
Learn to write better
Be really good at computers
Turn into a werewolf!
Run very fast
Become a better person
Become a better writer
Read a lot this year
Be Quarterback for flag football
Be the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys
Get better at reading
Be good for the year
Have a Lego Passenger Train set
Get better at reading
Make lots of friends

Be kind to all my students, co-workers and parents using my gifts as a teacher as best as I can
Move into my newly constructed home and host many, many family and friend gatherings!

By the way, Tuesday, September 15th is International DOT DAY!!
We will be celebrating it in my classroom.
Read more HERE to learn about it.
Check out THIS LINK to see the beautiful dots created by authors, illustrators and celebrities!

Be sure to always MAKE YOUR MARK!!


  1. Love the chart. I celebrate with you this week, a new and fresh school year.

  2. Looks like you're off to a great start at school! You have a very ambitious class of 3rd graders, which is awesome. Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Love this thinking and celebration of what is to be! Can't wait for Dot Day:)

  4. Tune into a werewolf! Now there is a dream!

  5. Your post has me thinking about how I might make my mark this year! I love what you did with your 3rd graders.

  6. Sally, I looked into International Dot Day. It really looks like fun. Thanks for sharing the information.

  7. Sally, I love how you are celebrating Dot Day 15 with your students. I turned my dot for all students into an #eduinspiration. You can see it at I would love to see some of your students' dots. Maybe you will celebrate that next week.

  8. Love the idea that you're all ready to 'make your marks'. Re-visiting this throughout the year to see how it's going will be another cause for celebration. Love that you've made the chart!