Saturday, September 26, 2015

Celebrate - I found my lost planner!

I knew I had it on Saturday morning. After posting my Celebrate blog post while sitting at the Lee and Harrison Starbucks, I used it to plan out my next week of teaching. I thought I had it that night in my bedroom as I did a little more planning before falling to sleep. Sunday morning I met a friend for brunch and then went to a neighborhood deli to finish my planning. (I do have a home but while it is under construction, it is easier to concentrate when not at home!)

Then, Sunday night my searching began. I cleaned out the car, looking under all the seats and in the trunk. I went from room to room, checking and rechecking all the piles of clutter that happens in a week. I drove to the Starbucks and asked them to check their "Lost and Found". I called the deli. I even called the place I went for brunch, 99% sure I didn't have it with me then. I started to think that maybe this was a sign for me to start embracing the digital world more when planning. Maybe I don't need a paper planner anymore. Maybe. I then prayed to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things.

Thursday, while in my staff meeting after school, my phone vibrated and a voice message was left. It was a worker at the Staples Store next to the deli I visited on Sunday calling. She was holding my planner at the Customer Service desk!!!

That's right. I did go into Staples to buy one piece of poster board before going to the deli. I must have absent-mindedly put my planner down when paying and walked away. Jasmine, the cashier is my hero!!

Today, I celebrate that I found my planner!


  1. Phew! I hate when I lose important things like my planner (which I actually left in a teacher's classroom and had to hunt down this weekend!)

  2. I lost my 'to-do' notebook once, never again. I didn't get it back, & was very careful after that. It held so much that I had to re-create. I didn't know there was a patron saint of lost things. Perhaps that's why I didn't get it back! So happy you found yours!

    1. "Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around:

      Something is lost and needs to be found!!"

  3. I don't know what I'd do with my planner. It may help if I use digital planners but I don't really trust things online.

  4. Yay for finding your planner. I lost my phone at a parade last weekend and had a short time of panic. So glad that people help out and try to track down owners.

  5. Yay! I celebrate finding lost things. I was looking for the audiobook THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD this morning. My husband and I had listened to almost all of it together in the car then I finished it alone. Now he wanted to finish it on a road trip. I looked everywhere. Where was the darn thing? It was in the last place I looked.(Family joke.) My Celebrate the Week

  6. Boy oh boy! I sure am glad St. Anthony came through for you. I get so nervous when I can't find something. On tope of the fact that it is missing, I am always thinking uh, oh, early dementia.