Monday, September 14, 2015

My Feet

Where Have My Feet Taken Me?

For the first twelve months,
Then finally,
step by step,
the exploration began.

So many times
they ran down the hill
in the backyard
to the swing.

In springtime, they raced
 to first base
after the softball got whacked
to the outfield.

In summer, they together pushed down
to propel my swimmer's body

They carried me
daily to school,
lots of time to the library,
and occasionally to Tyson's Corner Mall.

They have touched
the Atlantic,
the Pacific,
the Mediterranean,
Lake Michigan and Erie.

They have crossed
the Memorial,
the Brooklyn
and the Rialto Bridge.

They have climbed
to the top of St. Peter's Dome,
the Campanile in Florence
and the spires of the Sagrada Familia.

Now, they step, here and there,
then pause to stop and chat,
in the classroom.

And each evening
they rest up
for their next adventure.


  1. How fun! Your poem was the first thing I read this morning and it certainly altered my perspective. I'll think differently about my aching feet this afternoon!

  2. What a great slice- never thought about my feet this way.

  3. What a great slice- never thought about my feet this way.

  4. Loved this - very creative. Sounds like your feet have traveled wide and far.

  5. Wonderful to imagine this, Sally. Your poem reminds me of Dr. Seuss & "All The Places You'll Go". I bet he would have loved your idea, too.