Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22 - Top quotes I heard at the TCRWP 86th Saturday Reunion

"Oh, you mean crutch, not crotch...phonemic awareness is important!?  Shanna Schwartz

Three Wonderful Books = a Gozillion Possible Mini-lessons:
1. That is NOT a Good Idea by Mo Willems
2. If You Hold a Seed by Emily MacKay
3. Those Darn Squirrels! by Adam Rubin                Shanna Schwartz

"Come to your partnership prepared with your thinking on a post-it. Then the partnership or bookclub needs to squeeze it for all its worth. Instead of being like popcorn, and popping from idea to idea, be like a snowball, that grows and builds. Stay with the idea longer. "         Kristin Smith

"The more we get kids to think about their thinking and to talk about the strategies they are using daily, the more they will likely use the strategies daily while reading."   Chantal Francois

"You close read what you love.
What you spend time close reading, you come to love."               Kate Roberts

"Here's another way to raise awareness about your teacher evaluation. When you do something above and beyond your job as a teacher, post your actions @ #evaluatethat "

                                                                                                        Kathy Collins


  1. Amazing isn't it, how even a few small quotes can be so inspiring and motivating... I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. #Evaluatethat--now that's a hashtag that makes me laugh out loud, literally, not just LOL style.

  3. I missed being there with you today:(. Thanks for the great quotes and book recommendations!

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  5. I missed the Reunion this time--hoping to make it there in October. THey are all so full of wisdom and inspiration. Thanks for sharing some of the quotes.