Monday, March 3, 2014

March 4 - Mom's 70th Birthday!

"Brring...brring....brring...The alarm sounded and Mom and I awoke. We were still tired from taking the evening train last night from Washington, DC to NYC but we had a big day planned, so we quickly dressed and hurried out the hotel door.

First stop - The Today Show at Rockerfeller Center!! Holding the sign I made, we entered the outside courtyard and joined a large crowd of people. Suddenly, the crowd cheered very loudly and walking onto the platform in front of us was the Today Show host, Matt Lauher. He was speaking to the home TV audience and we were his live audience. His segment ended and the TV went to a commercial break and Matt walked right to where we were in the crowd. He began shaking hands and once in front of us, with his left hand, he signed his autograph to our poster!! WOW! What a great start to my mom's 70th birthday.

(Though this "slice of life" happened on May 6, 2005, it is fun to recall it today and share this blog entry with my mom. I am reminded that I have just over a year to plan an even better 80th birthday celebration for her!)


  1. What an absolute precious memory...for you and your mom!

  2. A great memory! You both look so happy. It is always good to record memories.
    Visiting from SOLSC,

  3. That's really a cool thing to do with your Mom. It inspires me to start thinking about December and my Mom's 86th.