Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23 - my new step in the writing process

We all know the steps on the writing process in Writing Workshop:
Generate Ideas

Today I am in an amazing city on a mini-vacation with my husband. Instead of going through all the steps above to post my next slice right now, I'm going to create a new step for me to do. Then I won't feel so guilty about this lame posting today.

One cannot do ANY of the steps the writing process without exploring the world. So today, I am off to explore, my new step in the writing process.

Then I WILL have ideas to generate, stories to draft-revise-edit and then will publish them from March 24-31.

But not today! Today I explore this city that never sleeps!!


  1. Enjoy! It's the best city in the world!

  2. I believe some of the experts say you have to live to write, so enjoy the living today. One day I will get to explore that city too.

  3. New York City is a treasure trove of places to explore! Have a fabulous day!

  4. That is a GREAT step, and one I dream about for all of my students, too! Enjoy the exploration. I will look forward to reading more about it in the days to come!!