Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31 - I did it!!

Back in February, I really wasn't sure if I COULD write something every day, as well as, read and comment on at least three others' writing. Now I CAN say "I did it!!"

To celebrate, I planned an ORANGE party in my 4th grade classroom. I bought clementines at the grocery store, orange crepe paper to hang at our classroom door, a fun pencil to give to the student who wrote and graphed the most small moments after me with me (Way to go, Ivy!!), and an orange pipe cleaner for ALL to twist and create their own party favor.

I am glad I made the graph and made it so public outside my classroom door. It kept me going. As soon as the student's also started to write, that kept me going, too.

When I look at my 31 blog posts made during this SOL Writing Challenge.
7 are small moments that happened while I was an adult and 2 while I was a child.
4 are my reflections about an author or a book.
2 are small moments about a family member.
3 are poems
5 are small moments that happened in my classroom.
8 are nonfiction writing - me sharing info I heard at a conference

Then I tallied and I received a total of 123 comments! Unexpectedly, getting comments was my favorite part of this challenge. Knowing that someone read my words and then took time to tell me their connection or thoughts about what I wrote gave me so much energy! It kept me going!

Which is why today I am taking time to make a BIG DEAL about the optional writing my students did. We all have stories that ONLY we can tell. I love that so many of my students' stories got onto paper this month. I plan to have us sit in groups of four and listen to each read a part from the small moment they wrote this month (an optional assignment that ALL did!). Then the other 3 can give a compliment. Then the writer can smile and say thank you!

Yet THANK YOU does NOT seem enough to only say. But I do say a HUGE THANK YOU Two Writing Teachers, who are actually six amazing writers who understand the power of a writing community and made a virtual one happen right here on their blog. I am so glad I learned about this March Challenge. It was a great honor to post daily my slice as a newbie. I worked my writing muscle. I end the month of March feeling like I am a writer! We truly do become what we do!

THANK YOU, Stacey, Anna, Betsy, Beth, Dana, and Tara!!!


  1. I LOVE this idea - you made your writing life a part of your life with your kids - now they KNOW you write, too, That is powerful teaching. So glad that yo were part of this challenge!

  2. I love this reflection - and way to celebrate. It inspires me to look back at my month in a cumulative way.

  3. What a great way to celebrate with your students! Our appreciation of comments really underscores how important it is to give our students the same kind of feedback to help them keep going.

  4. Hurray for writing celebrations. Love your Orange Party!
    I was also affected by the comments on my blog. They meant a lot to me. Feedback.

  5. You will be remembered by these 4th graders, Mrs. Donnelly.

  6. LOVE all the orange-slice-themed decorations! I also love the way you analyzed your posts and counted your comments -- I'm definitely going to try that! Hope you'll keep writing with us on Tuesdays!

  7. Love the celebration of writing! I'm proud that you sliced all 31 days your first year! Way to go!!! :)