Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6 - Softball Memory

I picked up my red, white, and blue glove, placed it on my right hand, and ran out to first base. To warm up, the coach threw me the ball.

I caught it and threw it with all my might all the way to the 3rd basemen. She caught it and threw it back. I rolled it to the shortstop, who squatted down, touching her glove to the ground between her legs. She scooped it up quickly and threw it back to me. I tossed the ball now way up into the sky near the 2nd baseman to simulate a pop-up. "I got it!" she called out. Once caught, she threw it back to me.

We were warmed up and ready to go.The 7th grade St. James Girls softball team against the 7th grade St. John's Girls softball team.

"Hey, batter, batter. Easy out!" the chatter began. I shouted out, "Play's at 1st!" The umpire signaled to the pitcher to start the game.It was Springtime on a Saturday morning.


  1. Your sensory details bring this piece to life. I can hear the young voices and feel the sunshine on my back. I love how your small moment stories are becoming so vivid and connect the personal and universal:).

  2. Ah, I think many of us all around the country are longing for spring and summer.

    Your play by play style opening reminded me of a poem in Nancie Atwell's Naming the World. The baseball poem has the rhthym of a double play...maybe that's the title.