Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30 - an attempt at POETRY!

My second to the last honor of National Poetry Month starting on Tuesday and being inspired by yesterday's SOL inspiration, I WILL TRY POETRY!!!

The first day of school, my 4th graders and I followed the pattern below and wrote an I AM poem.
Here's my I AM Poem
Sally                                                                  (first name)
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Writer and Reader      (4 words describing me)
Friend of Brian, Evi, Tammy, Marilyn, and Cindy
Who loves to eat Starbucks' egg and sausage sandwich for breakfast
Who feels happy when I am teaching Reading and Writing Workshop
Who needs moments of quiet and calm
Who fears snakes
Who would like to see Venice again with Brian and the girls
Resident of Arlington, Virginia
Donnelly                                                       (last name)

Now I'll try the format shared yesterday:
Right now I am:
:: appreciating all involved in the SOL writing challenge and grateful I learned about it and took the pludge this March.

:: patting myself on the back for writing daily for a month

:: worrying less about that I have no control over

:: forgiving others due to their ignorance

:: accepting that there is more than one way (yet I still like my way best!)

::running out of energy, hopefully never; I just need to stay focus on picking that which gives me energy

:: wondering what life will be like a year from now

:: thinking I made a great choice in returning to being a classroom teacher, as opposed to staying a Reading Teacher

:: smiling widely as I read my 4th graders' fiction stories

:: waiting for a new house to be built; a modern, energy-efficient house designed by my architect husband

::looking forward to sitting on the roof-top deck of my new house, quietly reading a new book

:: wishing my husband persistance and patience, as he oversees this big project - a new house for us!

Inspired by Soule Mama and Terje
My Favorite TEDtalks related to Poetry:

1. Billy Collins (his last recitation is priceless so watch until the end)
2. Sarah Kay - amazing performance poet. I get chills and cry every time I watch

Billy Collins on turning 70 and being as old as Cheerios - I LOVE his dry humor written as a poem!


  1. Thank you for this and for the links to Billy Collins' videos.

  2. I enjoyed your poems! I was inspired by other slicers' poems, too, and just gave it a try for the first time yesterday. Thanks for sharing your work and the helpful links at the bottom! =)

  3. Oh, so glad you shared your poem and Billy Collins with us today.