Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5 - a Spring Story!

It is March 5th and I just had 2 days off from school due to a snow storm in VA.
I am VERY ready for Spring so I recalled this moment as my Slice of Life to share today!

I push open the screened door and run all the way to far corner of my backyard. First, I hop on the swing and start to pump. I push my legs forward and then bend them back - legs straight, legs bent, legs straight, legs bent.

Soon I am swinging high, so high! The wind blows my hair and I feel happy,  so happy that I start to sing the song we learned in music class today. I sing and keep pumping, higher and higher!

Soon I hear, "Sally, dinner." I pump one more time back. Then, as the swing moves forward, I push my body, let go of the swing and leap. I land with both feet on the ground in a squat position. In I run for dinner.


  1. What a fun memory. Your details, like the way you landed in a squat position, were so vivid!

    BTW: Spring can't get here fast enough!

  2. You took me back to our yard in Arlington and the feeling of swinging and trying to touch the huge tulip poplar trees nearby. I could swing for hours! That is one of the losses of adulthood - it makes me sick now! I love your details, Sally!!

  3. Memory is such a wonderful thing. Spring at your fingertips, just typing up the breeze, the elation, the movement...