Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 - I'm just realizing that I AM a writer

For 25 days I have written. Often I've drafted the night before and then as I awoke, I posted it. Then after school, I'd read and comment and write again. I had a routine and it was working. Then I went away for the weekend and I had to write and post whenever it fit in. I read and commented also when it fit in. Now I am trying to get back into my routine.

Routine is good. I know what to expect. I get up on time and get to work on time and cook dinner on time. I get things done. It feels good to accomplish stuff. I look to the clock often to stay on track and be where I am to be.

Taking a vacation from the routine is fun, too. From last Friday to Monday, I barely noticed what time it was, except to ensure I was on time to the conference and for the train ride home. Otherwise, I walked and stopped to eat when I felt like it. I browsed and observed and took photos to hold onto what I was seeing. I had limited structure and limited obligations.

Which is better? I don't think that is the right question. I think I thrive on having a routine, making teaching a perfect job for me. I also think I need a break at times away from the expected to enjoy the unexpected.

No matter what, I am realizing that writing is the task I'll choose to do during the routine and the during the breaks. I am grateful to this March writing challenge as it showed me how it can be part of both worlds. Maybe, just now after 25 days, I am realizing that I am a writer...someone who writes daily!


  1. What a wonderful discovery! I am a newbie I. This challenge and I am discovering I like to write with humor- even though humor at only be in the head of the writer! I have also discovered this is a wonderfully supportive community where taking risk is safe!

  2. You are so right! I can relate. I have been routinized and crazed this month, and, regardless, I have written. We must all be proud! We are writers.

  3. March is wonderful for this reason - it awakens the writer in those who have not yet written every day, and it sharpen the skills of those who have. So glad that you participated this year, Sally!

  4. I much prefer to drift to writing when I have time to daydream and do whatever...but I'm grateful to have the push to write when I don't think I have anything left over during crushingly busy times.
    Like you, I finally realized "I'm a writer" without all the trappings of professional, or ambitions to publish's just something I do.